Patron Rights and Responsibilities Policy

The Fort St. James Public Library supports the rights of all individuals to:

  1. Use the library without discrimination.
  2. Receive friendly, respectful and professional service.
  3. Have free and equal access to information.
  4. Have a clean, comfortable and pleasant environment.
  5. Express their opinions regarding library materials and services to appropriate staff or Library Board members.
  6. Confidentiality of their personal information.

A child 13 years of age or older are deemed by the Fort St. James Public Library Board to have the same rights to privacy as an adult library patron.

Parents of children 12 years of age or younger have the right to request information regarding their child’s library account.

The Fort St James Public Library reserves the right to ask patrons or visitors to leave the premises.

The Fort St James Public Library does not allow on Library property the use of:

  • Drugs,
  • Alcohol,
  • Tobacco products,
  • Vaping,
  • Cannabis, or
  • Illegal substances

The Fort St. James Public Library endorses the Library Bill of Rights and Freedom to Read Statement.

In order for the library to be enjoyed by all patrons, the following guidelines as well as the Library Code of Conduct (see attached) should be observed. Patrons who exhibit behaviour inconsistent with the following guidelines and the Library Code of Conduct (also posted in the library) may be asked to leave the library. Repeated disregard for the following guidelines and the Library Code of Conduct may result in the withdrawal of all library services and may be subject to the penalties prescribed by law.


  1. To ensure a clean, comfortable and pleasant environment, proper use and care of the building and all materials is essential.
    • Patrons must not deface or improperly remove library materials, equipment, or furnishings.
    • Patrons must not prevent or postpone timely access to library resources through theft or deliberate misuse of materials.
    • Patrons must not use these in the library or within 6 metres outside of the library’s entrance:
      • Drugs
      • Alcohol
      • Tobacco products
      • Vaping
      • Cannabis
      • Illegal substances
  1. To ensure the safety of children:
    • Parents are responsible for the behaviour and supervision of their children in the library.
    • Children under the age of six must be accompanied by a caregiver when in the library.
  1. To ensure individuals’ rights to use the library free of disruption, library patrons must observe the following principles of conduct:
    • Patrons must not verbally and/or physically harass any staff member or patron. If you have a concern about another patron’s behaviour, please speak with a staff person.
    • Patrons must wear shirts and footwear when in the library.
    • Patrons must not block entrances or hallways, interfere in any way with people entering the library, or bring bicycles or other objects which constitute potential safety hazards into the library.
    • Patrons must be considerate regarding the use of cell phones. Cell phone ringers should be turned to vibrate and conversations should be brief and conducted in a low tone of voice.
    • Other examples of disruptive behaviour include, but are not limited to:
      • Running
      • Throwing objects
      • Resting feet on furnishings or equipment
      • Entering staff areas without permission
      • Being disrespectful to staff and/or other patrons
      • Using foul language
      • Using extremely loud voices
      • Refusing to comply with the reasonable request of staff members
      • Horseplay
      • Intoxication
  1. Any illegal acts, such as child molestation, indecent exposure or assault, or destruction of Library property are prohibited in the Library and will be reported to law enforcement authorities.
  2. Soliciting, selling, or begging is not permitted in the Library.
  3. The Library Director or designee may deny library access or service to any patron violating the above guidelines. Patrons who may have concerns or whose privileges have been denied may submit a written request for review by the Library Board of Trustees. (See Grievance Policy).
  4. Library users are asked to cooperate with the library staff who must interpret and apply this policy. The intention of these principles is to help promote excellence in library service for all patrons.


  1. Staff will:
    • Ask disruptive patrons to follow the library Code of Conduct.
    • Ask disruptive patrons to cease disruptive behaviour or leave the library.
    • If possible, inform other patrons in the library of the situation and suggest options for their safety such as leaving the library or situating themselves close by the exit or office door in the event the situation escalates.
    • Call the local RCMP (250.996.8269) if the patron continues the behavior but there is no threat of physical violence.
    • Call 911 if the disruptive patron engages in physical violence.
    • Ensure the relative safety of themselves and other patrons in the library while awaiting the arrival of police.
    • Inform an executive member of the Board about the incident immediately or as soon as reasonably possible if it involves the safety or well-being of the Library Director who is a direct employee (and therefore the responsibility) of the Board.
    • Complete an internal incident report immediately upon termination of the incident.
    • Inform other parties as directed by the Board.
    • Inform the Library Director of the incident immediately if it involves the safety or well-being of any other library staff or patrons who are the responsibility of the Library Director.
  • Inform other parties (such as the Board or the police) as directed by the Library Director.
  1. The Library Director will:
    • Report any incident in the library directly involving himself/herself to the Board immediately after filing an incident report, as the Library Director is the responsibility of the Board.
    • Report any incident in the library directly involving other library staff or patrons (who are the responsibility of the Library Director) to the Board
  • as soon as possible if the incident is of a serious nature.
  • at the next regularly scheduled Board meeting, or
  • at the earliest opportunity during the summer months when there are no Board meetings.

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