Food and Drink Policy

The Fort St. James Public Library strives to maintain a pleasant, welcoming and comfortable environment for our public and staff. We understand that while visiting the library customers may want to enjoy a drink or snack, and these guidelines have been designed to balance this convenience with the comfort of other customers. We ask that you follow the guidelines listed below to ensure a clean, safe and welcoming environment for all. 

Food and Drink Guidelines for the Public:

  1. Non-alcoholic drinks with secure lids are permitted (e.g. thermoses or bottles with screw on lids).
  1. No hot food is permitted.
  1. Patrons may not order food delivery to the library.
  1. Only food that are odour free, noiseless and do not leave marks on furnishings are allowed in the library.
  1. The consumption of food and drinks must be done at the designated areas.
  1. No food is permitted at any computer workstation. Only covered drinks only are permitted at computer workstations.
  1. Patrons should report any spills to the library staff as soon as possible.
  1. Patrons may be responsible for damage to computer equipment from spills or messes.
  1. Patrons should ensure all areas they use are left clean for use by others.
  1. Garbage cans and recycling bins are available in public areas.
  1. Patrons should be encouraged to abide by library policies to maintain a clean study and work environment.
  1. Staff will remind patrons not following library policies of our rules.
  1. Patrons refusing to follow food and drink guidelines may be subject to further action, up to and including being asked to leave the Library.
  1. Staff reserves the right to determine which food and drink items area acceptable within the library.
  1. Patrons should ensure they have clean hands before handling library materials and equipment.
  1. The Fort St. James Public Library supports the right to breastfeed in all library facilities. Members of the public who complain should be directed to Fort St. James Public Library’s Food and Drink Policy, available on the website.

Food and Drink Allergies:

  1. As a public facility, the library cannot ensure an allergy-free environment.
  1. All caregivers are responsible for monitoring consumption of food and drinks by children under their supervision while using our facilities. This includes food and drink that is not served by library staff, but shared between adult and child during library programs or in the public area. As such, the library staff advises caregivers of children with allergies to remain vigilant at all times as in other public venues.
  1. The Library cannot accept homemade (i.e., from scratch) contributions from staff or the public for programs (e.g., muffins, cookies, casseroles). Food that can be made on-site, such as sandwiches, are permitted as long as they are made with only store-bought products and all packaging labels listing ingredients of food and drinks are kept on-site to answer inquiries.
  1. Due to potential risks of allergic reactions and choking, staff members are advised not to serve food or drink at programs for pre-schoolers. On the occasion that food or drink is served (e.g. children’s or teen book clubs, storytime), staff will make every effort to ensure that all food and drink is nut free, though it is ultimately the responsibility of the patron or caregiver to be vigilant in what they consume.
  1. Staff must ensure that parents/teachers/supervisors of young children are aware of food or drink being served. Aside from food allergies, some parents choose to regulate their children’s consumption of sugar, additives etc. and should have the opportunity to decline the offer of food and drink.

Food and Drink Guidelines for the Staff:

  1. Staff are permitted to consume food and drink at the check-out desk and in the staff room.

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