New Adult Fiction


 Title  Author  Date
Against Nature Casey Barrett Aug.15,2018
A Darkness of the Heart Gail Bowen Aug.15,2018
A Measure of Darkness Jonathan Kellerman & Jesse Kellerman Aug.15,2018
The Money Shot Stuart Woods & Parnell Hall Aug.15,2018
Our Homesick Songs Emma Hooper Aug.15,2018
Paradox Catherine Coulter Aug.15,2018
Triple Homicide James Patterson Aug.15,2018
Unwanted Guest Shari Lapena Aug.15,2018
A Noise Downstairs Linwood Barclay July.31,2018
When the Flood Falls J.E. Barnard July.18,2018
Spymaster Brad Thor July.18,2018
Once Upon a Spine Kate Carlisle July.18,2018
Murder at the Flamingo Rachel McMillan July.18,2018
The Good Fight Danielle Steel July.18,2018
Buried in Books Kate Carlisle July.18,2018
Woman in the Woods John Connolly June.26,2018
Tom Clancy Line of Sight Mike Maden June.26,2018
Murder in Paradise James Patterson June.26,2018
Jar of Hearts Jennifer Hillier June.26,2018
Turbulence Stuart Woods June.15,2018
Matchup Lee Child June.14,2018
The President is Missing Bill Clinton & James Patterson June.14,2018
Shelter in Place Nora Roberts June.14,2018
The Gray Ghost Clive Cussler June.07,2018
The Forgotten Road Richard Paul Evans June.07,2018
Nightflyers George R. R. Martin June.07,2018
Less than a Treason Dana Stabenow June.07,2018
Our Animal Hearts Dania Tomlinson June.07,2018
The Girl in the Moon Terry Goodkind May.30,2018
The Outsider Stephen King May.30,2018
Princess James Patterson May.25,2018
One For The Rock Kevin Major May.25,2018
Adjustment Day Chuck Palahniuk May.25,2018
The Coincidence Makers Yoav Blum May.10,2018
The Crooked Staircase Dean Koontz May.10,2018
Gale Force Owen Laukkanen May.10,2018
Warlight Michael Ondaatje May.10,2018
The 17th Suspect James Patterson May.10,2018
The Girl Who Takes An Eye For An Eye David Lagercrantz May.09,2018
The Fallen David Baldacci May.09,2018
Mary Cyr David Adams Richards May.09,2018
The Good Pilot Peter Woodhouse Alexander McCall Smith May.02,2018
Skyjack K. J. Howe Apr.13,2018
Good Liar Catherine Mckenzie Apr.06,2018
Let Me Lie Clare Mackintosh Apr.06,2018
Atomic Road Grant Buday Apr.06,2018
Nocturne Diane Armstrong Apr.03,2018
The Disappeared C. J. Box Apr.03,2018
Red Alert James Patterson & Marshall Karp Apr.03,2018
Accidental Heroes Danielle Steel Apr.03,2018
The Return of Kid Cooper Brad Smith Mar.20,2018
Son of a Trickster Eden Robinson Mar.20,2018
Shape of Water Guillermo Del Toro Mar.20,2018
Flight Attendant Chris Bohjalian Mar.20,2018
Irish Thoroughbred Nora Roberts Mar.20,2018
Rule of Stephens Timothy Taylor Mar.20,2018
My Italian Bulldozer Alexander McCall Smith Mar.20,2018
Midnight Line Lee Child Mar.20,2018
Just After Sunset Stephen King Mar.20,2018
Don’t Let Go Harlan Coben Mar.20,2018
Dance, Gladys, Dance Cassie Stocks Mar.20,2018
Clothesline Swing Ahmad Danny Ramadan Mar.20,2018
Arrow’s Flight Joel Scott Mar.20,2018
American War Omar El Akkad Mar.20,2018
Marry, Bang, Kill Andrew Battershill Mar.20,2018
Immortalists Chloe Benjamin Mar.20,2018
The Boat People Sharon Bala Mar.15,2018
Find You in the Dark Nathan Ripley Mar.15,2018
The Escape Artist Brad Meltzer Mar.15,2018
Hotel Silence Audur Ava Olafsdottir Mar.8,2018
Hysteria Elisabeth De Mariaffi Mar.8,2018
 The Bad Daughter  Joy Fielding  Mar.8,2018
Where the Dead Sit and Talk Brandon Hobson Feb.23,2018
The Dictionary of Animal Languages Heidi Sopinka Feb.23,2018
Chicago David Mamet Feb.23,2018
Death of an Honest Man M.C. Beaton Feb.23,2018
Night Moves Jonathan Kellerman Feb.16,2018
Cutting Edge Ward Larsen Feb.16,2018
The Freedom Broker K. J. Howe Feb.16,2018
Deep River Night Patrick Lane Feb.16,2018
Things to do when it’s Raining Marissa Stapley Feb.14,2018
This Fallen Prey Kelley Armstrong Feb.14,2018
Into the Black Nowhere Meg Gardiner Feb.7,2018
In The Shadow of Agatha Christie Leslie S. Klinger Feb.7,2018
The Grave’s a Fine and Private Place Alan Bradley Feb.07,2018
Dark in Death J.D. Robb Feb.07,2018