Adult Fiction On Order





Publishing Date

Once Upon a Spine Kate Carlisle June.06,2018 June 2017
Buried in Books Kate Carlisle June.06,2018 June 2018
Paradox Catherine Coulter June.06,2018 July 2018
Murder at the Flamingo Rachel McMillan June.06,2018 July 2018
When the Flood Falls J.E. Barnard June.06,2018 July 2018
Sunburn Laura Lippman June.06,2018 July 2018
Sword of Justice Christian Cameron May.11,2018 September 2018
Trickster Drift Eden Robinson May.11,2018 October 2018
Every Breath Nicolas Sparks May.11,2018 October 2018
Past Tense Lee Child May.11,2018 November 2018
Target: Alex Cross James Patterson May.11,2018 November 2018
Kingdom of the Blind Louise Penny May.11,2018 November 2018
The House Next Door James Paterson, et al. May.11,2018 December 2018
Seven Furies Joseph Boyden May.11,2018 May 2019
The Breakers Marcia Muller Apr.10,2018 August 2018
Our Homesick Songs Emma Hooper Apr.10,2018 August 2018
Desperate Measures Stuart Woods Apr.10,2018 October 2018
Tom Clancy Line of Sight Mike Maden Mar.13,2018 June 2018
The Woman in the Woods John Connolly Mar.13,2018 June 2018
Murder in Paradise James Patterson Mar.13,2018 June 2018
The Three Beths Jeff Abbott Mar.13,2018 July 2018
Paradox Catherine Coulter Mar.13,2018 July 2018
Spymaster Brad Thor Mar.13,2018 July 2018
A Measure of Darkness Jonathan & Jesse Kellerman Mar.13,2018 July 2018
The Good Fight Danielle Steel Mar.13,2018 July 2018
A Noise Downstairs Linwood Barclay Mar.13,2018 July 2018
A Conspiracy of Bones Kathy Reichs Mar.13,2018 August 2018
French Exit Patrick DeWitt Mar.13,2018 August 2018
The Money Shot Stuart Woods & Parnell Hall Mar.13,2018 August 2018
The Mark Janet Evanovich Mar.13,2018 August 2018
Starlight Richard Wagamese Mar.13,2018 August 2018
Juror #3 James Patterson & Nancy Allen Mar.13,2018 September 2018
Fifty Fifty James Patterson & Candace Fox Feb.09,2018 August 2018
Texas Ranger James Patterson & Andrew Bourelle Feb.09,2018 August 2018
Jar of Hearts Jennifer Hillier Jan.15,2018 June 2018
Against Nature Casey Barrett Jan.15,2018 July 2018
A Darkness of the Heart Gail Bowen Jan.15,2018 August 2018
Throw the Houlihan Brad Smith Dec.08,2017 February 2018
Robert B. Parker’s Old Black Magic Ace Atkins Oct.30,2017 May 2018
The Rabbit Hunter Lars Kepler Apr.28,2017 April 2018
Knocked Carol Higgins Clark Jul.14,2016 April 2022
Private Rio James Patterson Feb.8, 2016 June.1, 2016