Adult Fiction On Order





Publishing Date

The Gown Jennifer Robson Dec.14,2018 December 2018
The Nowhere Child Christian White Dec.14,2018 January 2019
Hunt Them Down Simon Gervais Dec.14,2018 January 2019
Her One Mistake Heidi Perks Dec.14,2018 January 2019
The Light Over London Julia Kelly Dec.14,2018 January 2019
No Exit Taylor Adams Dec.14,2018 January 2019
Restoration Heights Wil Medearis Dec.14,2018 January 2019
The Golden Tresses of the Dead Alan Bradley Dec.14,2018 January 2019
The Paragon Hotel Lyndsay Faye Dec.14,2018 January 2019
Seven Days Patrick Senécal Dec.14,2018 January 2019
This Shall Be a House of Peace Phil Halton Dec.14,2018 January 2019
The Wolf in the Whale Jordanna Max Brodsky Dec.14,2018 January 2019
Land Beyond the Sea Kevin Major Dec.14,2018 January 2019
Into That Fire M.J. Cates Dec.14,2018 February 2019
The Homecoming Andrew Pyper Dec.14,2018 February 2019
Days by Moonlight André Alexis Dec.14,2018 February 2019
The Migration Helen Marshall Dec.14,2018 March 2019
The Doll House Phoebe Morgan Dec.14,2018 March 2019
Provisionally Yours Antanas Sileika Dec.14,2018 March 2019
We All Fall Down Daniel Kalla Dec.14,2018 March 2019
Social Misconduct S.J. Maher Dec.14,2018 April 2019
Save Me from Dangerous Men S.A. Lelchuk Dec.14,2018 April 2019
The Girl Who Lived Twice David Langergrantz Dec.14,2018 August 2019
The Testaments Margaret Atwood Dec.14,2018 September 2019
The Red Word Sara Henstra Nov.19,2018 March 2018
Shattered Mirror Iris Johansen Nov.19,2018 April 2018
Vendetta Iris Johansen Nov.19,2018 October 2018
Milkman Anna Burns Nov.19,2018 December 2018
The Better Sister Alafair Burke Nov.19,2018 January 2019
The Ruin of Kings Jenn Lyons Nov.19,2018 February 2019
Death is Hard Work Khaled Khalifa & Leri Price Nov.19,2018 February 2019
The Hiding Place C. J. Tudor Nov.19,2018 February 2019
The Wedding Guest Jonathan Kellerman Nov.19,2018 February 2019
Connections in Death J. D. Robb Nov.19,2018 February 2019
The Chef James Patterson & Max Dilallo Nov.19,2018 February 2019
Never Tell Lisa Gardner Nov.19,2018 February 2019
Mission Critical Mark Greaney Nov.19,2018 February 2019
Wild Card Stuart Woods Nov.19,2018 March 2019
All the Wrong Places Joy Fielding Nov.19,2018 March 2019
The First Lady James Patterson & Brendan DuBois Nov.19,2018 March 2019
Wolf Pack C. J. Box Nov.19,2018 March 2019
Run Away Harlan Corban Nov.19,2018 March 2019
The Malta Exchange Steve Berry Nov.19,2018 March 2019
The Cornwalls are Gone James Patterson & Brendan DuBois Nov.19,2018 March 2019
Dark Tribute Iris Johansen Nov.19,2018 March 2019
King of Kings Wilbur Smith Nov.19,2018 April 2019
Neon Prey John Sandford Nov.19,2018 April 2019
Someone Knows Lisa Scottoline Nov.19,2018 April 2019
The 18th Abduction James Patterson & Maxine Paetro Nov.19,2018 April 2019
The A List J. A. Jance Nov.19,2018 April 2019
There There Tommy Orange Nov.19,2018 May 2019
A Brightness Long Ago Guy Gavriel Kay Nov.19,2018 May 2019
Skin Game Stuart Woods & Parnell Hall Nov.19,2018 June 2019
Killer Instinct James Patterson & Howard Roughan Nov.19,2018 September 2019
Watcher in the Woods Kelley Armstrong Oct.10,2018 February 2019
The Wild Inside James Bradbury Oct.10,2018 December 2018
Kiss the Girls and Make Them Cry Mary Higgins Clark Oct.10,2018 April 2019
Don’t You Cry Cass Green Oct.10,2018 December 2018
The Boy Tami Hoag Oct.10,2018 December 2018
For Better and Worse Margot Hunt Oct.10,2018 December 2018
The Night Window Dean Koontz Oct.10,2018 May 2019
The Department of Sensitive Crimes Alexander McCall Smith Oct.10,2018 April 2019
Before We Were Strangers Brenda Novak Oct.10,2018 December 2018
The Friend Sigrid Nunez Oct.10,2018 February 2019
Still Life Louise Penny Oct.10,2018 July 2018
Trail of Lightning Rebecca Roanhorse Oct.10,2018 June 2018
Storm of Locusts Rebecca Roanhorse Oct.10,2018 April 2019
Holy Ghost John Sandford Oct.10,2018 October 2018
Death of an Eye Dana Stabenow Oct.10,2018 December 2018
Silk and Song Dana Stabenow Oct.10,2018 March 2019
Blessing in Disguise Danielle Steel Oct.10,2018 May 2019
Silent Night Danielle Steel Oct.10,2018 March 2019
Liars’ Paradox Taylor Stevens Oct.10,2018 December 2018
The Burning Stone Jack Whyte Oct.10,2018 August 2018
Guardian Angels and Other Monsters Daniel H. Wilson Oct.10,2018 March 2018
Murder at the Mill M.B. Shaw Sept.07,2018 December 2018
Turning Point Danielle Steel Aug.07,2018 January 2019
The Enemy of my Enemy W.E.B. Griffin Aug.07,2018 December 2018
Crisis Felix Francis Aug.07,2018 October 2018
Absolute Proof Peter James July.12,2018 November 2018
Celtic Empire Clive Cussler & Dirk Cussler July.12,2018 November 2018
Fire and Blood George R.R. Martin July.12,2018 November 2018
Beauchamp Hall Danielle Steel July.12,2018 November 2018
Robert B. Parker’s Blood Feud Mike Lupica July.12,2018 November 2018
Tom Clancy Oath of Office Marc Cameron July.12,2018 November 2018
Pandemic Robin Cook July.12,2018 December 2018
The 13-Minute Murder James Patterson & Shan Serafin July.12,2018 December 2018
A Delicate Touch Stuart Woods July.12,2018 December 2018
Past Tense Lee Child May.11,2018 November 2018
Target: Alex Cross James Patterson May.11,2018 November 2018
Kingdom of the Blind Louise Penny May.11,2018 November 2018
The House Next Door James Paterson, et al. May.11,2018 December 2018
Seven Furies Joseph Boyden May.11,2018 May 2019
A Conspiracy of Bones Kathy Reichs Mar.13,2018 August 2018
The Mark Janet Evanovich Mar.13,2018 August 2018
Fifty Fifty James Patterson & Candace Fox Feb.09,2018 August 2018
Throw the Houlihan Brad Smith Dec.08,2017 February 2018
The Rabbit Hunter Lars Kepler Apr.28,2017 April 2018
Knocked Carol Higgins Clark Jul.14,2016 April 2022
Private Rio James Patterson Feb.8, 2016 June.1, 2016