Activity Binders

We have two wonderful new additions to our library collection, courtesy of Desk Assistant Lyra! She has put in her time and hard work to create two new activity binders, one for toddlers, one for pre-school aged children. The activities in the binders use colourful pages and Velcro cut-outs to teach young kids useful skills like spelling, counting, recycling, and matching. Kids can learn to sort recycling, identify seasons and colours, match animals with their homes, and identify parts of the body.

These books are available for in-house use. If patrons want to use these books, they are invited to ask staff for access. Patrons are required to wash or sanitize their hands before using the book, and as each page and cut-out is laminated, the books and pieces can be easily wiped down after every use.


Match the Colours Match the Shapes Big and Small Match the Numbers Which Garage Does Each Car Belong In? Recycle Sort Match the Animal to Its Home Match the Seasons